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Photo by Adam Perez, in New York

Hello, and thanks for visiting my site.

I’m a journalist and audio producer born and based in Oakland, California, and the daughter of immigrants from India and the Philippines. I report, write and make radio. My motivations lie in bringing to life gripping, thought-provoking stories that challenge and expand our perspectives on ourselves and the world and illuminate bold ideas — especially through (sometimes offbeat) avenues that question assumptions, reveal injustices, emphasize accountability, and link local and global consequences. I’m interested in collaborating on dynamic projects focused on achieving these results and more and am actively looking to report, produce and edit more narrative, sound-rich podcasts.  I have 13 years of experience in audio — let me know if you’re looking to hire!

I’ve reported, produced and researched radio stories, podcasts and audio projects for… NPR, PRI, KQED, Studio 360, Marketplace, Self Evident, 70 Million, Radiolab, Making Contact, Collective Next, The Washington Post, NY Mag/Vox Media, and more.

I’ve also reported and written for… WIRED, The Atlantic, Politico Magazine, Harper’s, The Guardian, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Foreign Policy,  Caravan Magazine, Religion News Service, Slate, Foreign Affairs, VICE News, The Juggernaut, and more.

A little about my history: From 2009 to 2011, I taught English in Shizuoka, Japan, where I also created, produced and hosted Shizuoka Speaks, a grant-funded podcast about local and international students grappling with identity and searching for community. From 2013 to 2015, I studied Urdu in an intensive language program in Lucknow, India, and reported on the world’s largest election, politics, and social issues from India’s most populous and politically significant state, the swing state of Uttar Pradesh. I was an African Great Lakes reporting fellow with the International Women’s Media Foundation in Uganda in 2016, named a “rising star” and a senior fellow with the Fund for Investigative Journalism and Schuster Institute for Investigative Journalism in 2017, and received an honorable mention as an AIR New Voices Scholar in 2019. I serve on the board of the San Francisco Bay Area chapter of the Asian American Journalists Association.

More about my storiesI’m experienced in covering the politics of the South Asian diaspora and in navigating other complex beats and territories. Over the years, I’ve covered surveillance and the future of policing; accent bias in voice recognition technologies; language politics; a “woman’s” gun; debates on South Asian revisionist history in American textbooks; SantaCon’s history and legacy; Hindu nationalism; Beyoncé and the Bible; sectarian violence; sports betting; queer communities; an alleged state-sponsored murder of a “Facebook journalist;” the sand mafia; political polarization; teachers in immigration limbo; bodybuilding; bail reform; and the movement to recognize caste in the United States. I’ve gone politicking with Uganda’s top female politician, spent a day with a lookalike of India’s prime minister, and immersed myself in the world of America’s longest-running Asian beauty pageant. I’ve also written about my friend Kim Wall.

My work is discussed in journalism, social work, criminal justice, and religious studies courses, and cited in books and research papers about digital media in an international context, politics, economic growth, gendered violence, and sexualized minorities. I’ve received support and recognition from the Religion News Foundation, Religion News Association, Association of Independents in Radio, Economic Hardship Reporting Project, South Asian Journalists Association, International Women’s Media Foundation, and Anne O’Hare McCormick Memorial Fund, among other organizations, and regularly speak at conferences and in classrooms about writing for the ear, the particularities of covering South Asian politics and the diaspora, and working as a (female) freelance journalist and producer.

I graduated with honors from Columbia Journalism School, where I studied as an Anne O’Hare McCormick Scholar. In my spare time, I produce, edit and host the podcast Loitering: The Occasional, But Lovable, Traveling Minipod, named after the “Why Loiter” movement fighting for women’s right to safe space. Loitering’s current life form is an audio newsletter delivered straight to your email inbox (subscribe here!).

This website showcases most of my work; you can click on the hashtags to see stories by that topic. Please feel free to reach out with ideas, new opportunities, constructive criticism or a hello!

  • sonipaul at gmail dot com,
  • @sonipaul on most social media,
  • Signal: Ask,
  • or fill out the form below.

P.S. My website’s current cover photo is from a 2009 cycling trip through Japan’s Shimanami Kaido, a long expressway that connects Japan’s big island of Honshu to its smaller island of Shikoku through several small islands and bridges. This photo of the Kurushima-Kaikyō Bridge — the world’s longest suspension bridge — connects Shikoku with a tiny island called Ōshima. I made the photo with a Kodak disposable film camera. 🙂



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  1. You article is informative and educational. Thanks for it.
    You should know that PAC Republican Hindu Coalition’s founder Shalabh Kumar (Shali Kumar) is a fraud. He isn’t a billionaire or a tycoon. He has a small factory in Carol Stream, a western suburb of Chicago. He is living in a house worth around $450,000.
    He isn’t a megadonor, but a BS-er
    Please check this:

    Also check 2018 and 2020 reporting.
    You can also check all the documents filed and notices received by Republican Hindu Coalition


    • Thanks, Abdul, I appreciate your positive feedback! And thanks for this info about Kumar and the RHC. I have also noticed the same on Open Secrets. Let’s be in touch if that’s ok with you? Thanks again.

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