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And even more about my history (!), if you’re interested: For several years, I was a contributing editor at MediaShift, where my reporting on media, advertising and press freedom was cited by Nieman Lab, Mediagazer, Pew Research Center and the American Press Institute. My research also regularly appeared on Digital Content Next, a trade publication that represents large publishers like the New York Times, Washington Post and Vox Media. In a previous life, I curated international broadcasts and raw videos for Link TV’s pioneering semantic news website and app, which aimed at using video to reinvent world news and social action for the digital age.

Photo by Arvin Temkar, in Oakland

I graduated with honors from Columbia Journalism School, where I studied as an Anne O’Hare McCormick Scholar. My master’s thesis at Columbia, also awarded honors, focused on how Guyana’s history and politics re-manifested in interracial relationships between Indian and African Guyanese in New York.

I’ve received training in hostile environment and emergency first aid, on the ethics of reporting in emergencies, and on trauma-sensitive reporting. I love experimenting with new platforms and ideas to make stories more accessible.

This website showcases most of my work; you can click on the hashtags to see stories by that topic. Please feel free to reach out with ideas, constructive criticism or a hello. I am also available for freelance story commissions, consulting and audio production work.

  • sonipaul at gmail dot com,
  • @sonipaul on most social media,
  • Signal/PGP: Ask,
  • or fill out the form below.

P.S. My website’s current cover photo is from a 2009 cycling trip through Japan’s Shimanami Kaido, a long expressway that connects Japan’s big island of Honshu to its smaller island of Shikoku through several small islands and bridges. This photo of the Kurushima-Kaikyō Bridge — the world’s longest suspension bridge — connects Shikoku with a tiny island called Ōshima. I made the photo with a Kodak disposable film camera. 🙂

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