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How do you know the things you don’t know?

I am curious how you might respond to the question. Please click below to answer.



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  1. The problem is that I don’t know what I don’t know, and much of what I believe I know is not right. I do believe that I have inherited many lies.

    A memorable observation shared with me some years ago (I was 20 years old?) when I was a younger man, and Harford (an older man maybe 50-55 years of age with whom I was visiting) explained the difference between hope and knowledge. Harford invited me to look out the window where little Johnny was playing in the yard, and he said “See little Johnny out there playing in the yard?” I said “Yes, I do”. Harford continued saying “Now I hope he’s mine, but Alma (Harford’s wife), she knows.”

    So it may be that I hope a lot, believe less, and know very little.

    Truly wishing you the best,


  2. Dear Sonia, I believe one cannot know what one doesn’t know. But it’s our imagination that helps us. Millions is people call it their believe our even their religion. I don’t believe, I imagine. I am curious.
    Kind regards,

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